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Short Courses

Short Courses

ATELIER ART CLASSES - New courses every Spring and Autumn

Course Details

Following traditional atelier methods, my aim is to provide clear, practical instruction on the principles and methods of drawing and painting to a limited group (maximum of 4), leading each individual to draw and paint still life confidently and accurately.

Course 1 - Absolute Beginners – drawing to paint

5 weeks duration - 5 x 3 hour classes.

Aimed at: Those who like the idea of drawing and painting but have never taken art classes, or maybe taken art classes a long time ago and wish to pick up drawing/painting again or perhaps just wish to relax and try art as a new interest.

Using the classical techniques of drawing and painting (but not imposing an individual style) you will learn in clear stages:

1) proportion

2) line and volume

3) chiaroscuro and

4) colour

Each stage builds on the previous, you will move on only when each skill is mastered. Initially beginning with still life and cast drawing using charcoal, you will learn to see proportion, draft accurately, and to construct an image using light and shade to indicate mass, without using measuring tools but simply relying on your own eyes.

All materials and tuition notes are provided.

Course 2 - Beginners Plus – Painting

5 weeks duration - 5 x 3 hour classes.

Aimed at: Those who have mastered the stages in Absolute Beginners and wish to develop their knowledge of painting, colour and materials. Priority will be given to those who have completed Course 1.

Using a limited palette, you will learn to paint still life confidently and proficiently in the studio, moving on to develop your own style, taking individual workshops as required.

Tuition notes provided. Own materials required (a list will be provided).

Course 3 - Intensive One Week Beginners/Intermediate/Drawing and Painting Courses

5 weeks compressed into 5 days!  These are very popular as 'Gift' options.

Aimed at: Those who can't attend classes regularly over a 5-week period or who prefer to compress their learning to speed up the process.

Course 4 - Follow-on Art Classes for those who have completed  Courses 1, 2 and 3 

5 weeks duration.  There is a broad syllabus but these are designed to improve skills and technique, learn hints and tips and acquire wider knowledge of paint mixing, supports, mediums, varnishing etc.  Individuals are encouraged to start setting up their own compositions and projects.

To enquire about the above Courses and for 2019 dates please visit the Contact page

All classes run, subject to numbers.